PITCH by Lemonayd game boxes with sample cards laid out.
PITCH by Lemonayd sample Business Model and Concept cards.
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Pitch by Lemonayd game box - Back view and sample cards.


A think quick game

Coffee from Mars, planet-saving robot bees...what's next?

PITCH gets players thinking about new ideas and business strategies. With different Business models and Concepts to choose from, no two games are the same.
Draw cards to invent a business in under 10 minutes. Pitch to the group and earn points from Testimonials to win.
PITCH is more than just a game about pitching. It sparks discussions about the future of business and how best to monetize an idea. With 60 business model and concept cards, no two games of PITCH are ever the same.
Combine Concept and Business model cards to invent a compelling business in under 10 minutes. When the timer's up, take turns pitching your idea to the group. The player or team with the most Testimonial cards at the end of the game wins.
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